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Antennas DTT and SAT

Video door phones and automatic porters

Security: CCTV,  Alarms and Access

Extinguishers and fire protection

Air conditioning

Voice and data networks

Garage doors/ Automatic doors


Security guards and Assistants


Are you looking for the antenna experts in Madrid?

We are the leaders in the installation of Antennas in Madrid, with more than 3.000 communities of owners in Maintenance of Antenna. We have a team of antenna’s experts who know all the brands and installation of the market, constantly adapting to the latest technologies.

Our division of telecommunication realizes the labor of installation, maintenance and the repair of the antennas in Madrid, whatever the purpose and the technology. From the installation of houses o communities to big hotels, our technical capacity is updated according to the entry of new products in the market. Thousands of communities which we have as customers are our best aval and guarantee our good work and quality of the technical service.


Because of its versatility and safety,we recommend the installation of combined video door pone. This system guarantees the extra security when it supplies the image of good quality to the viewer of our home, apart from the comfort and flexibility of exemplary management.

Our team can advise you without obligation in order to learn your case and offer you the team which adapts better to your necessity and budget. We have a specialized team in communities of owners that will help you answer questions about the installation and operation.


Security cameras,alarms, access control…

We offer an exclusive study for the installation of security cameras in communities of owners, alarms or access control, with the flexibility to work with different manufacturers. Our growth in these recent years in the market of security system is the aval of our work and promise with our customers.

The goal of our company is to adapt to your necessity and help you choose the best option. Our security division is the specialist in security as well for companies of all sizes, from the small business to big company, we have solutions tested and adapted to all need.


Our electricity division offers a team with high qualification who obtained the approval of the Ministry of Industry. We specialize in the electricity construction and reform in communities and develop all kinds of electricity installation and maintenance in the Community of Madrid.

Our electricians are permanently updated thanks to training programs taught in our own training center and our quality processes guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers. We advise you without any obligation and you can get the total tranquility of being supported by professionals.



The fire protection division of Lasser has experienced and trained specialists. We do all kinds of installation and maintenance of the fire detection systems like smoke extraction, our main pillar is the department of maintenance of equipment against the fire.

So we make available to the customers the technical team with high qualification, thanks to continuous training programs taught in our own training center and we also cooperate with various technical institutions.


A good service of maintenance is primordial to get the good operation of an automatic door, whatever your use is. In LASSER we have programs of maintenance, revision and testing of the mechanical, electrical systems and also the system of security doors in order to help them work safely and efficiently.

We also adapt the garage doors for the current European regulations which emphasize the obligation to do the maintenance periodically in order to guarantee the security of the doors and minimize the risk of accidents, especially watch those accidents which may come from the installed doors that were not subject to the legal requirements related to security and efficiency required nowadays.

Our technical service will help you repair your door and maintain it like the first day. Please ask for the budget without obligation.


Aire conditioning

Our division specialized in air conditioning is dedicated to installation, maintenance and repair of the air conditioner/heat pump systems adapted to all needs and budgets.

From domestic installation in houses, industrial systems for offices or technical rooms, to big projects with requirement like hotels, commercial centers, hospitals and buildings with special need of air conditioning.

Our technicians can make plan from the beginning of the project or can advise and adapt for an established installation and realize some change to optimize the air conditioning.


Our public address system Division will help you take away the sound and words wherever you need. Prepare your business, installation or building for a music or public address announcement system is very simple, thanks to the advice of our team of technicians.

Our extensive experience in sound system of Schools, Clinics, Industrial Units and Businesses allows us to face any kind of job with warranty. Please ask for the budget without any obligation.


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